1. butter LONDON Jaffa

    Naturally, when I decide I have my nails at a length I like, one of them breaks (I’m looking at you, middle finger). I trimmed my nails down as much as I could bear, but the days of nubs are over for me. Might as well change my polish at the same time, right?

    I’m a Halloween purist (and incidentally, a Halloween nut). For me, orange is not a summer color-it’s reserved for my Halloween manicures. Jaffa is a bit different though. It’s a juicy orange with just a hint of pink in it that places it far away enough from true orange for me to want to wear it now. The pictures are a bit deceptive-it’s slightly more coral-looking in real life.

    The crelly formula was downright annoying. Just the worst. Generally crellies go on streaky and level themselves out after a minute, but this was not the case with Jaffa. Each coat was as streaky as the last. After four coats I gave up and applied top coat, hoping that would even it out. Luckily it did. 

    It’s truly gorgeous, I love the color, though maybe not enough to struggle though the formula.